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The Florian – Design Hotel

The Florian is exclusively focused on the millennial traveler, with their characteristic whishes and desires. The hotel is located in an old 90’s office building and has been renovated completely by Workshop of Wonders. The emphasis is put on informal meetings, communication and the cosmopolitan luxury hotel feeling from days gone by.


The ambitious young owner of The Florian dreamed of a hotel where he would like to spend the night. An unconventional place for young professionals and Urban Nomads; where the design of the public spaces would receive as much attention as the design of the rooms.

The typical 90’s building contains a lot of glass, natural light and brick. The exterior has been almost completely preserved. Workshop of Wonders, who took care of the architecture, partly place an extra floor on top of the building. They covered it with aluminum slats and therefore The Florian stands out even more at night. Besides this, a new entrance was build and completely changed the interior.

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Amsterdamse School

Gerrit Vos, partner of Workshop of Wonders: ”We were inspired by the energetic midcentury designs of the construction years of the last century. Because The Florian is adjacent to Amsterdam, we combined this with Amsterdam School architecture. No literal quotes, but a translation of the underlying ideas of that movement, such as craftsmanship, use of materials and colors and sculptural forms. This is how we lifted the building into the 21st century!”

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The entrance flows into the atrium, where a range of atmospheres and informal zones unfold. Workshop of Wonders realized a sensual and vibrant hotel theater that recalls the former luxury of the Amsterdam School and Frank Lloyd Wright. Yet it is undeniably contemporary, a stylish oasis that never gets cluttered. In the middle of the atrium, a new, graceful spiral staircase towers to the two floors and hotel rooms. Gerrit Vos: ‘By making optimal use of the existing interior and adding a strategic layer to it, we created the unique atmosphere in the public spaces. For example, the golden slats of the new exterior facade will return inside.”


Sustainability played a major role in the transformation of The Florian. Workshop of Wonders preserved the existing building where possible and opted for sustainable materials. Gerrit Vos: ”We added a design layer of carefully chosen functions, materials, furniture, lighting and atmospheres. Because we wanted a timeless interior that will still be current in 20 years time.”

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The 150 hotel rooms are renovated and, despite Covid-19, hardly had to cut back on high-quality furniture and materials. In addition to comfortable beds, each room includes a custom-designed hanging shelf cabinet with desk. The bathrooms are fitted with patterned glass walls that keep the spaciousness intact. Dark porcelain washbasins, in which full-length mirrors are discreetly integrated, act as an additional decorative element. The motifs on the bed headrests, carpets and curtains were designed by Muurbloem Design Studio. Highlights are the luxury suites on the corners of The Florian. They are located behind the golden facade slats that give the rooms a beautiful visual accent.