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There is more! I am not only welcoming travellers and those looking for a great night out. You might have work that needs to be done, bodies to be kept fit or meetings and events to be held. Lets think about the right place for your activity!




Picture of 2 men working in the Clubhouse


Blurry picture of the communal workspaces
Have a seat in one of my communal workspaces in the lounge and lobby. Feel free to finish your assessments, have your meeting or to make some calls. In the meantime, you can order some food and drinks as well!
The thriving heart in my very core. A flexible, inspiring place fit for all. Beauty meets functionality, non-formal and cosy. The perfect place for the perfect meeting.

Read more about my designer furniture on the ”Design” page!

A picture of part of the Clubhouse, showing the bar and lounge
Meeting spaces
An example of one of the meeting rooms
Business meetings, a social gathering, or a lecture, my meeting spaces are perfect for many different events. Well equipped and attended by my professional hosts.
Green Room
Yoga, a boxing session, or a group presentation? My Green Room is very flexible and can be used for anything you like.
Private offices
An example of one of the private offices in The Florian Hotel
Looking for a quiet place where you can fully focus? My hotel has private offices, which can be booked for long-term, or just for day use!